How Do You Make Your Self Pee In Less Then 30 Seconds?


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You can make yourself pee in 30 seconds using a few different tips and exercises but the main thing that springs into my mind is about why you would want to make yourself pee in 30 seconds? Urinating is a natural body function and we shouldn't put our bodies under strain to perform these in a way that is not natural or comfortable for your body.

If you were to try to make yourself pee in under 30 seconds, you may wish to do a few different things that will decrease the time you will spend having a pee and also make it easier to pee faster so that you can achieve your 30 seconds timing.

  • Drink less in the time leading up to wanting to take a 30 second pee. This will decrease the amount that is in your bladder and make it easier for you to pee quickly.
  • Pee more regularly. This will help with needing to pee more frequently and therefore you will pee less every time you do go to the toilet.
  • Stay away from drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are known to decrease the amount of control that you have over your bladder and therefore will reduce the ability you have to speed up and slow down how you pee.
  • Try to exercise the muscles you use to pee. You can do this by stopping and starting each time you pee. By doing this you will be able to know how the muscles work and will be able to control them better when you do want to pee quickly.
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Its not to work against your bladder and involuntary muscles.
The only safe way to make yourself pee if by drinking a lot of liquids...(Not to much you can drown yourself
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Sing and strain
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Get scared
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Well all I know is that when you drink something and you know you have to pee 30secs and you
count down to 1 your going to piss yourself

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