Yesterday I Forced Myself To Pee In My Pants And My Parents Don't Know. Should I Wear A Diaper? And How Would I Get One Without My Parents Knowing?


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Firstly, I would really suggest you definitely find an alternative to peeing in your pants.

Doing this is probably not very healthy, and may lead to skin conditions and infection.

How you can get diapers without your parents knowing Getting hold of some diapers without being caught out might not be that simple - as most of the diapers you'll find in stores are designed to fit young babies and toddlers.

You may find larger sized diapers at stores like Walmart or a pharmacist though, so I'd suggest you check out those outlets.

Once you've purchased the diapers, you may also want to find a safe place in your house to hide them if you don't want them to be discovered by your parents.

Even if you plan to wear diapers, they will need to be changed every time you urinate or defecate - and I can't see how that is any more convenient than simply going to the restroom.

If the reason you want to wear diapers is anything other than convenience, I'd suggest you look into the reason behind these feelings.

Should I wear diapers?

The answer to this question really depends on why you forced yourself to wet your pants in the first place.

Was it due to:

  • incontinence?
  • sexual pleasure?
If incontinence (being unable to 'hold-it') is the problem, I'd suggest speaking to either your parents or a doctor.

It might be embarrassing to come forward about this kind of issue, but it's important to address it -  because incontinence could be a symptom of an underlying disease.

If you're doing it for sexual gratification (and this is not entirely uncommon) I would probably suggest speaking to someone you trust about this urge (perhaps a sex-ed teacher at school?).

Whilst there's nothing inherently wrong with getting turned-on by wetting yourself, you may want to speak to someone who has a bit more experience in sexual behavior so that you can fully understand the risks and benefits of expressing your sexuality in this way.
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Kris answered
If you forced yourself to pee in your pants, you don't need a diaper.
You just need to go to the restroom like a normal person would.

Nevertheless, if you pee uncontrollably, then you'd need a diaper. This you couldn't hide because your parents would have to buy them for you..

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