How To Abort Pregnant Puppies?


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Are you trying to say that you have a puppy that has been bred, Indeed this could be life threatening to her. Otherwise, if your bitch was bred to a very large dog, this too can cause life threatening complications. I can preach about spaying your bitch so that you don't have to face this but then, I'm sure you know this.
Speak to your Vet, they are the only ones to discuss safest options for your dog but there are options and alternatives to consider.
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Oh my god! Don't do that you can kill your dog!! Have a vet look at her he may do it if shes not that far along. Or the puppies are to big for her to have.
The best alternative I can think of is letting her have them. Let her take care of them when they are six weeks old put them in the paper for free and usually the paper runs the ad for free for free pets. Better then killing them all. That way if you can't afford a vet for whatever reason all your out of is a phone call.
Heck just put mom in the paper now for free so they all can live better lives!!!!!!
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Why would you want to?

Puppies in a litter are fun, and a nice little earner too. If you let them go at 6 or 7 weeks, all you have to fork out for is wormer and flea treatment. Don't know what dog you have but you can sell puppies from anywhere from £150 each.

If you abort the puppies the bitch will suffer mentally, and possibly physically too. You imagine being forced to have an abortion. What feelings would you have?

We humans assume the best for our dogs on whats best for us, but its not always that we know the truth of that. If your dog thought she was capable of having and looking after puppies then she was.
Leave her to it and enjoy the experience.
Puppies are fun.

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