How To Stop Pregnancy Without Abortion?


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Herbal abortion has become a popular theme for aborting a pregnancy without actually going through the surgery of an abortion. This is a difficult topic as you are probably aware. Yarrow has been known, in the right dose, to cause a miscarriage. There are also improper health practices to try and force your body to miscarry to prevent a pregnancy.
One way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy is abstinence. You can also use protection such as birth control pills and condoms. If you have had unprotected sex in the last 72 hours and want to prevent a pregnancy from taking hold there is a new medication called Plan B. It can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. It is an emergency contraceptive that is meant to resemble the hormones found in birth control pills. This pill has a higher dose than birth control pills in order to stop a pregnancy before it really takes off.
Plan B can be found at a pharmacy without prescription. It is also called the morning after pill. For those who are beyond the 72 hour mark, one option is to deal with the pregnancy by having the baby; going through a normal pregnancy and then deciding on what form of adoption you would like to have. But ultimately it is your choice and you will need to think out it. It is best to consult a doctor before doing anything if you suspect pregnancy.
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I had an unprotected sex on 29th of january morning 2 days after my menstruation period. What shall I do now to stop my pregnancy.
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I have unprotected sex dated March 24, 2010, then I experiencing  headache and bleeding n my breast was stronger..I take trusted pills only brown on  April 22 to present..It is possible to stop my pregnancy if I take this Trusted pills..thanks
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Effective stop pregnancy without abortion
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We had used Condoms but due to some reason it didnt work.. My wife had taken Unwanted72 within 1hr.. It was for the first time.. Are there any chances of her being Pregnant?
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If you already know you are pregnant the next day of having sex then at the drug store there is a pill called the morning after pill which will stop the pregnancy. This pill only works the next day after having sex after that then either an abortion or just have the baby.
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Best thing to avoid pregnancy is no sex. This is 100% effective and safest contraceptive. Anyhow, you can use following contraceptive methods

   1. Condoms
   2. Birth control pills
   3. Morning or emergency pills
   4. Spermicide foam
   5. Depot shots
   6. Hormonal implants
   7. Non hormonal Intrauterine device (IUD)
   8. Tube ligation
   9. Vasectomy (in males)
  10.  Withdrawal method (high failure rate)
  11. Periodic method (high failure rate)
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I have unprotected sex dated March 24, 2010. I experiencing Strong headache, bleeding and stronger breast. I take a a trusted pills only brown color dated April 22, 2010 and until now. This pills can stop my pregnancy...thanks i want to stop my pregnancy
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Once you are pregnant you can't just get rid of it.  If abortion is not an option for you then when the beautiful baby is born there is always adoption.  I think you were meant to give birth if you are pregnant.  Everything happens for a reason.  Please think about this before you make any decisions!
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Have your child and love it. I don't believe in abortion. Life is not something you choose but something god gives you. Your child is here for a reason. Your life as you knew it is over now its time to live for that child. Be responsible and raise it properly.

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