Who Are The Famous Psychologists In The Philippines?


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There are seven different famous psychologists that are from the Philippines:

• Tetchie Agbayani, an unlikely candidate for a list of famous psychologists due to her past as a model for the X-rated Playboy brand, decided to study full time to become a psychology teacher in school, whilst doing part time acting. She plans to obtain her PHD in Psychology and begin clinical practice. All this aside, she also plans to write an advice column for those in need with mental health or psychological problems.
• Clarita Carlos isn't your average psychology-studying woman, she is more accustomed to political work, but has been said to be a pioneer in Political Psychology.
• Randy Misael Sebastian Dellosa, or Doc Randy if that's a bit of a mouthful, is a TV life coach or psychotherapist who can be seen onscreen on TV shows such as Pinoy Big Brother or Pinoy Dream Academy reality shows. He has even been seen on game shows such as Deal or No Deal, despite having both an M.D and a Psy.D, meaning that he is the only person known in the Philippines to be both a psychiatrist and doctor of clinical psychology.
• Virgilio Enriquez is renowned for being the Father of Filipino Psychology from the National Organization of Filipino Psychology which he established himself in 1975.
• Margarita Go-Singco Holmes, who is also popularly known as Dr Margie Holmes, is the most famous sex therapist in the Philippines.
• Jaime Licauco or Jimmy Licauco is a popularly known parapsychology, management practitioner and even author in the Philippines. His merits include being the Founder and President of an institute called the Inner Mind Development Institute, which specializes in parapsychology, metaphysics and philosophy.
• Sonia Roco is the widow of former Presidential candidate Raul Roco and is known for her work with social psychology.

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