What Food Is Best To Eat If You Have Gall Stones And Gall Bladder Trouble?


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As with most illnesses, the best way to combat the problem is to have a varied and balanced diet. If you are having trouble with gall stones and your gall bladder then a diet that involves lots of organic foods will help with your recovery.

Drinking lots of water will assist your recovery as well as making grapes, apples, avocados, artichokes, garlic and garlic oil essential parts of your diet. Natural vegetables such as cucumbers and beetroots also contribute towards preventing gall problems.

None of these foods will offer you an overnight or miracle cure from gall problems but they will over time have an impact and, if continued, will reduce the chances of these problems recurring.

By changing your diet you can make a big impact on gall problems, surgery of course is often carried out but without identifying and dealing with the issue at source the problems are liable to return if you don't alter your diet to deal with the issues at sources.

Gall problems stem from the liver, protecting the liver with organic foods, avoiding the pesticides that come with many packages foods again helps prevention and reduces the pain and discomforts caused by gall problems.

As well as knowing what to eat it is equally important knowing what not to eat if you are suffering gall problems. Eggs, milk, coffee, nuts and alcohol are some of the foods that are best avoided or at least taken in moderation. Fried and fatty foods should be cut out as much as possible.

By sticking to some simple rules and being careful with your eating habits you can make a difference to your health and wellbeing. The types of foods suggested to combat gall problems can form the basis of a general diet which will improve your overall health as well as reduce gall problems.
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When I had gallstones, I could pretty much eat anything that was non-fatty.  A glass of milk would send my gallbladder into spasms.  But a glass of water or juice did not.  A bite of hamburger sent my gallbladder into spasms.  But a plate full of un-buttered vegetables did not.

Of course, as the condition gets worse, just about any food you eat, and any beverage you drink, will trigger gallbladder pain.  That's because food triggers your liver to produce bile, which is then sent into your gallbladder.  

The gallbladder is supposed to release the bile slowly, as you eat, into the stomach, so the bile can help you digest the food you've eaten.  But when your bile duct gets blocked by the gallstones, the bile begins to back up in the gallbladder, expanding it like a water balloon, and causing it to press against nerves and sensitive areas around the gallbladder.  This causes the spasms and sharp pains.

Since fatty foods trigger more bile release than non-fatty foods, it is the fatty foods that generally trigger the most gallbladder pain.  But as I stated, as the condition worsens, just about any food you eat will trigger gallbladder pain.

There are lots of "gallbladder flushes" on the internet.  You can do a google search to learn more about them.  They supposedly allow you to flush the stones out of your gallbladder, solving the problem.  However, I tried several different flushes and they did not work for me.  After the gallbladder pain grew to unbearable levels, I reluctantly had to have the gallbladder surgery.
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I have found eating baked chicken without skin works for me, baked potatoes, apples, jello, apple juice is good if you are having attack..also boil 2 cups of water add 1and half tbs of flaxseed, stir ..(let it boil for 5 min) strain ...drink..that has saved me!  I'm new at this gallstone stuff so I have been searching like crazy for the last two weeks or so... A lot of web sites say different things..one says its ok for wheat bread and another says no way. I also went as far as buying baby food..pretty good too I might add..lol..also..don't eat before going to bed..not good. I'm hoping to get this problem fixed soon..I don't ever want that pain again! Also..drink plenty..I mean plenty of water, I drink dasani water because I read tap water is a no no..go figure! NO POP or any fizzy water either. I'm hear white rice is ok too..don't know yet. Also heard sweet potatoes are ok, again..don't know yet. I think we are all going to be different when it comes to certain foods that wont "HURT" us..and thats scary. None of us want that pain ever again!!  Good Luck
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I have been dealing with this for years, and yes I do mean years, but never took the time to do anything about it until now - this really is nasty stuff.

For the guest above and anyone else - White rice seems to be the only thing at this time that has not given me a painful reaction. I still have the bloating but not nearly as bad as with anything else.

Also, the certified organic bananas worked pretty well and they tast great - i was truely surprised at the difference in taste.
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I have had gallstones for two months now I also got pancreatitis caused by my gall stones I was in hospital for 4 days. I have read that you shouldnt eat-
eggs,cheese,butter,, red meat, onion, oranges, grapefruit, coffee, milk corn, beans, nuts, any high fat foods.
I do find it hard to find things to eat at the moment I am living on
haddock or cod with peas and some ketchup
extra light crackers with extra light laughing cow triangle cheese
bran flakes or honey cheerios with skimmed milk
small amount of brown bread with jam or honey
jelly! Tinned and fresh fruit! Soup thats extra low in fat
I no your not supposed to eat milk or cheese but I have found the skimmed and laughing cow are ok because they are so low fat. Hope this helps!
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Well I had my gall stones removed a couple of years ago and my advice to you is staying away from any greasy foods. It is best to eat something really light. Like a salad or a dry piece of toast.
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Dear lockness I am convinced the primary cause of most illness is-not drinking enough water & I mean water, not soft drinks,tea & other beverages Almost no one follows the old adage of " eight glasses a day". The body cannot efficiently eliminate toxins from our systems without water! Proper diet is also important-this is not intended as medical advice,Just my considered opinion.

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