What Is The Best Diet After Gallbladder Removal?


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Eat little and often (like every two hours or even a little nibble every hour so you never leave your stomach empty for long), avoid - fatty (e.g. Fry ups), acidic (e.g. Fizzy drinks), processed (e.g. Microwave ready-made) foods.
Try to eat fresh produce in as close to its natural state as possible.
Steer away from alcohol and cigarettes, especially on an empty stomach.
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demetrius snider
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i had my galballder taken out 3 month's ago , i still have some of the same problem i had before it was taken out , throwing up my food, not being able to eat with out food coming back. i have been able to eat whole wheat ceral, bran ceral, low fat milk, instant carnation breakfast but nothing more
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Take vegetables and liquid food in large proportion. Avoid fast food.
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It's the "large proportion" that caused me to put a thumbs down on this answer. The only time since my surgery I have had trouble with a stomach ache was after overeating. (Oh, and the time I had two servings of fried okra in one day). I am mostly vegetarian, and rarely eat anything fried. I also keep my weight down by portion control - plus I think that we were meant to be "grazers", not "stuffers", like true carnivores, who have to eat as much as possible when they make a kill.

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