My Husband Has A Cough Chest Pain And Extremely Bloodshot Eyes And Exhaustion,what To Do?


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Have him see a doctor now! Don't let him put it off! It could be an upper repertory infection. It could be the start of something a lot worse! This is nothing to play with! Does he smoke? Are there pains in his chest or at the shoulder joints? What's his age? Does he eat right? What you have described is a little general. What's his cholesterol count? Does he have a history (or family history) of heart problems? This could also be due to stress in his life. Stress will cause all of the things that you have described. My best advice is to drag him to the doctors (kicking, screaming, and crying) whatever it takes to get him there!!!!

I am a male and I had these simptons, and I didn't go to the doctors, well I wound up having a stroke. This was all do to the stress in my life. My diet was not the best in the world, hats changed,lost 75 pounds, I exercise even changed jobs. I didn't want to die just yet.I have 9 kids and I will see them grow up only because my better half tricked me into going to the doctors. She told me she needed a ride to see the doctor. When we got there I went into the doctors examination room to support her, well now because of her and the doctors little scam I am still around to support her and our kids. So please do whatever it takes to get him there, get the doctor involved. You may just save his life!!!!!!

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