What Is The Best Tens Unit Preferred By Doctors? And Why?


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The evidence supporting the effectiveness is of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators, or TENS units, especially in relieving acute or long-term pain, has been mixed, so not all doctors will currently recommend their use. However, they do appear to be popular amongst many patients, especially those that prefer alternatives to medication for the management of mild to moderate pain.

Some doctors may recommend their use in alleviating certain muscle, joint and nerve conditions associated with things like surgery and sports injuries or in instances where patients are unable to take painkillers for health reasons. However, TENS units do not appear to be suitable for pregnant women as well as epileptics and people with pacemakers and, on the whole, should not be used to treat abdominal, chest or head pains.

Currently the UK National Health Service only recommends the use of TENS machines for the treatment of symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis, whilst in the US, the FDA has approved over 100 different makes of TENS units that can be purchased for home-use from websites such as: and . A list of popular products available in the UK can be found at:

Because of the possible risks and side effects, including surface burns from too-high settings or incorrectly placed electrodes, it is probably wise to seek professional advice before deciding to purchase one. It is always wise to read the manufacturer’s instructions that accompany any TENS machine to ensure safe and effective use.

When in doubt, check with a healthcare practitioner to make sure you are safe to use this type of therapy. Many pharmacists and doctors will also offer tips on proper techniques and tell you which areas to avoid.

To find out more, you can visit: Another good source of information is:
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The best tens unit preferred by doctors is the LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator.  Whether the pain originates in the nerves or muscle it will take care of both.  For example the TENS is for Pain and the Muscle Stimulator is to build and reeducate muscle.  I received mine from after my doctor recommended this product.  I love it.
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Listed here are some of the top and most popular TENS unit and their features:

1-Empi Epix-XL TENS Unit
most advanced TENS on the market. Ideal for those really difficult cases or for use in pain clinics.Extremely Low Frequency,Dual Pulse,High Frequency,Bi-Modal,Ramped burst,Alternating Ramped Burst,Modulated Amplitude and Random Modulation.

2-Eclipse Plus
Neuromod, Comfortburst, Selectra, Comfortwave, Eclipse, Eclipse Plus, MedTENS 100, Dynex II, Dynex III and Dynex IV.

3-Masters Medical TENS Unit
Dual channel. Variable pulse width and rate.
Three pulse modes - normal, burst and modulation of width.
Battery Low Light. Comes as standard with Pals self-adhering electrodes. Has superior wave-form and modulation
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To be honest with you, it is hard to say there is a "best" TENS unit out there in the market. I asked my physical therapist this similar question, "what do you think is the best TENS unit that I should get? Any suggestions?" He said, "They pretty much serve the similar functions. Some of them are built with better quality, some of them have more modes to choose from and some of them are even wireless. It all depends on your preference. You should do some research yourself and just pick out the one you think that will work the best with you."

Like what he said, I went on the web and did a few searches. I found that there are so many different brands selling TENS units or sometimes called Electrical Muscle Simulators. All of them are aiming at pain relief.  It was kind of hard for me to make a decision among so many of them, until I saw this HealthmateForever YK15AB on Amazon. It is marked as the best seller over all TENS product. There are over 6000 people purchased the device and over 95% of those who purchased liked what they got. Those numbers are noticeably higher than many other models of other brands. Interesting! I thought.

I read through the reviews on the product page. Almost all positive. Then I visited their home site, I quickly took a look at their product list. Besides YK15AB, their best seller, they have so many other product with variety. Small portable ones that you can bring with you around, large tablet ones with several different modes and intensities with touch screen and even wireless ones that allow you to apply TENS therapy while doing your routinely daily activities. They really spend time to figure out the needs of their customers. Customers with different conditions and preferences should be satisfied a specific model among many models they designed.

I purchased the wireless WI9 because I can hide them under mu jacket and use them at work without any body noticing that I'm doing a TENS therapy. It's as strong as those wired ones. I have been using them for a couple month now and had not issue with them. All you have to do is to charge them up after using them for a couple of times.

My recommendation is to do your own research to find out which TENS unit works the best for you. However, I'm happy with what I got from Healthmateforever!

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