Is It Normal To Have A Mole Inside Your Mouth?


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Most people don't have moles inside their mouth, but such things are not totally uncommon, either.

Usually, moles are benign - meaning they're not harmful - but you should probably show your doctor, as some of them can be cancerous. It's not likely, so don't panic, but it's definitely worth getting checked out, just in case.

Moles In The Mouth There are several different types of mole that can appear inside the mouth - some are small and freckle-like, whereas others can be larger and darker.

If the mole changes in appearance - if it grows, changes color or becomes raised - you should get yourself to the doctor as soon as possible.
Is It Definitely A Mole? A dark spot inside your mouth could be a number of things.

It's most likely to be a hematoma, which is a small collection of blood that occurs when you accidentally bite the inside of your cheek. If the dark spot goes away after a few days, then it's probably one of these!

Small dark spots can also occur in the mouth as a result of smoking.

If you've recently had a mouth ulcer in that place, then the dark spot could also be a slight discoloration left over from where the skin was damaged. It should heal up soon!
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Aparajita Shukla
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Firstly, I'm a kid well teen so I don't smoke. Secondly, I never had an ulcer where the mole is. Third I can't be a hematoma because I can't bite that part of the mouth and lastly it has never changed its appearance. So what exactly is it?????
Aparajita Shukla
Aparajita Shukla commented
I'm sorry if I sounded rude....

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