I have a bump that scabs at the back hairline by my neck, it's been thre for like five months, could it be serious?!?!


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peighton foster answered
It might be a bony tumor (don't worry I don't mean like a cancerous tumor) but I have a bump sort of like that and it makes my shoulder hurt terribley, but I got it checked out and it turned out to be an osteokondroma (I think that how you spell it) but all it is is a bony outgrowth due to a recent increase of growth. Sometimes they have to take it out, but not often. Have you asked your doctor about it?
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Arthur Wright answered
If it doesnt give you headaches or makes your neck hurt, then it can't be too bad but you may want a DR to look at it one day
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Ray Ottewell answered
Sorry but there are not any Doctors on this website, and it would be wrong for us even to try an diagnose what it is. You would be best advised to get a Doctor to have a look at it, as soon as possible.

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