What Causes Toenail To Grow Crooked?


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The underlying cause behind your crooked toenail growth could be one of several. You could have a toenail infection or a condition called onychocryptosis (inward nail growth), but the problem could also be the result of something more obvious - like wearing cramped footwear or not cutting your nails short enough, for instance.

To determine the cause of the crookedness, first look for any visible signs of infection. Discoloration and bloody stains may indicate a bacterial infection of some sort which can be treated using a course of prescribed antibiotics, as administered by your doctor. If there's no infection, however, you will need to analyze the other possible causes behind the problem to see how you can go about the treatment procedure.

If you cut your nails too short or allow them to grow too long, they are more likely to grow in an awkward or unnatural manner. Cutting them too short in particular can lead to inward toenail growth as a result of the nail bed growing over the nail itself. This can be painful, so make sure you only cut your toenails - and indeed, fingernails - to a reasonable length and avoid going too close to the skin with the scissors or clippers you use.

If you wear shoes which are too small and your nails are cramped inside them, this could also lead to abnormal toenail growth. The same applies for putting too much pressure on a nail - doing something as little as stubbing your toe can dramatically change the direction of growth.

If, over time, the problem with crooked nail growth fails to subside, you may need to organize an appointment with your doctor or health practitioner. Surgery is sometimes required in extreme cases of inward toenail growth, although you'll most likely find that resting the foot, practicing good hygiene and/or applying prescribed cream to the affected area will be the chosen treatment route.
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Well if youre a woman its usually because you wear open-toed shoes too much. And for men, you usually probably don't wear socks all the time. To prevent crooked toenails for women, wear sneakers more often, and socks. Same for men. Hope it helped!

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