What Causes Horizontal Ridges On Toenails?


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There are a number of proposed reasons for the appearance of horizontal ridges in toenails. Some of the suggested causes are listed below, but please be aware that any advice you receive on the Internet is unlikely to be from an authorized medical authority and therefore you should speak to your GP or another medical professional.

  • Fungal Infections
If your toenails have developed a fungal infection, this can cause the appearance of horizontal ridges. In the event of only some of your toenails having horizontal ridges, it is possible that these have been brought on by some form of fungal infection. It is also suggested that any sort of trauma caused by an injury can make the nails more susceptible to fungal infections.
  • Your diet
The type of food that you are eating and the nutrition that you are receiving from said food could be a cause for horizontal ridges on your toenails. Inadequate levels of certain vitamins and minerals in your body could cause these ridges to appear.
  • Reaction to medicines and treatments 
These ridges could be caused by or be a reaction to certain types of medicine that you have taken, or are currently taking. The medicine could provoke these ridges by upsetting the chemical balance in your body.
  • Underlying medical conditions
It has also been suggested that the appearances of horizontal ridges in your toenails could be a symptom of an underlying medical condition that you are carrying without knowing. For example, there are particular ridges recognized by medical professionals known as 'Beau's lines'. Although these can be brought on by any of the aforementioned causes, they have also been known to be a symptom of such medical conditions as diabetes. Beau's lines are very deeply grooved and will give the nail a darker appearance.

Please bear in mind that any concerns or questions that you may have regarding any aspect of your health should be directed at a medical professional who can give you their expert advice and help.   
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I would say it is your hormones and is probably what you consume ie. Minerals and vitamins.  Maybe you could have a imbalance of some kind.
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Unfortunately, sometimes it can be a fungal infection.  Is it in all your toenails?  If it is one or two toenails, I would think about if you have injured your foot.  Sometimes, we injure our foot and it can make us prone to getting a fungal infection.  If it is all or most of your toenails, it is difficult to say.  Do you think you eat well?  Sometimes, nutrition can play a part.  Another thing to think about is do you have any other symptoms or do you take any medications.  Medications can affect nails.  Not very often, but possible.  I ask about other conditions, because sometimes skin and nail conditions are a result of something else.  If you don't, often it isn't a bad idea to take a daily vitamin. It may or may not help, but it is an easy thing to try to see if it helps.  I would try that unless there is a reason like a medical condition that prohibits you from trying a vitamin.
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It has to due with your diet that you are eating.

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