Why Do I Bleed After Going To The Restroom?


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Hi brendabere!

I can relate to this! I've got hemorrhoids (thanks Grandpa!) and the first time it happened I was at work, and it nearly scared me to death!

I made an appointment and went to my Internist right after work. She told me I had a huge internal hemorrhoid, but that as long as the blood was bright red it was OK. (I have also come to find out that even going in just to tinkle can put too much pressure on the hemmerhoid, causing a bit of bleeding).

I also have MS (multiple sclerosis), so I take quite a few other medications every day as well as injections every-other-night, and all this stuff does not help since all but one of the things I take cause constipation! I find that the non-prescription laxative MiraLax is tremendously helpful. Just put it in a hot or cold drink, stir and drink. It isn't grainy and it doesn't get at all thick!

God has a sense of humor and He likes to practice on us . . . all the time!!

Good luck to you!
If you don't have hemorroids and/or if you are a female; you could be starting your menstral cycle. However, this question I believe relates moreso to the possibility of hemorroids. If you are bleeding anally, it is due to the inflammation of your hemorroids that you may or may not be aware that you have currently. The bleeding comes from the swelling in the anus that contracts the tissue when inflammed. When pressure is displayed there when you have a bowel movement it will cause the tissues in the anus to bleed when you apply pressure to your anus for release of your bowel movements. If you are seeing bleeding, it's imperative that you get to the doctor as soon as possible to get a handle on the hemmorroidial issues that you currently have.
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What do you mean no offense but can be Puberty or check your doctor
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Do you have Hemmroids? There are also lesions or cuts in the skin that may be causing this and it's not healthy. You need to go see a doctor right away and make sure there is nothing else going on. I hope I could help a little and good luck.

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