Why Does My Right Arm Feels Like It Falls Asleep?


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The strange sensation that you get when your arm 'falls asleep' is probably due to pressure.

If you're certain this is not the case, I'd recommend you contact a doctor or healthcare professional - as this can be a symptom of several conditions (as detailed below).

Why does my arm keep falling asleep? The most common reason you'd experience the feeling that your arm is going to sleep is because you've put pressure on your arm (for example by falling asleep on it).

The tingling feeling that you get is caused by two things:

  • Nerves in your arm might be struggling to send signals to your brain.
  • Blood flow to your arm might have been restricted.
Whilst you'll probably be fine after leaning on your arm for 10-15 minutes, blocking nerve signals and blood flow for hours will result in nerve damage and other complications.

The tingling feeling is your body's way of saying 'wake up, and move your arm!'.

Reasons your arm might go to sleep If you're getting this feeling even when your arm isn't being put under any pressure, then two main conditions might be associated with this symptom:

  • Pinched nerves
  • Interruption to your blood flow
If you suspect either of these to be the case, I'd recommend getting medical advice as soon as possible.

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This will happen at times, may be due to sleeping habits, or because you use that arm a lot.

Also, may be the way you sit, and the pressure you apply to it is the cause.

If this continues to be a problem, have it checked out by a doctor to make sure it is nothing more serious like a clot or bad circulation blockage etc.
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Because of the lack of oxygen flow in that arm.

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