What time do you sleep, how long does it take for you to fall asleep, and do you like it pitch black?


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Skip Gentry answered

I go into the bedroom between 9 and 10 pm. Then I read, or go on blurtit, or play solataire on my phone for a couple hours before I actually fall asleep. I get up around 7 or a little after. I sleep with a night light on.

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Seffy Andrews answered

10pm - 5am

Pitch Black

10 mintutes

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I usually go to sleep about midnight through 6:30AM and fall asleep almost instantly. I can sleep anywhere no matter what is going on. Best of luck to you!

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

As I'm retired, I sleep whenever I feel like it after a good hour or so of reading. I like it pitch black with a fan running in the room for a slight distraction. Sometimes I go to bed at 8 and sometimes 10 or 11. Just depends on if I have things to do or not. I usually do my beta-testing at night for a while and then read.

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SuperFly Original
Night swims are cool ive done them a couple times. With heater+light its awesome
SuperFly Original
Hey Rooster, Im the same as you with the fan thing. I prefer soundmachines now because the sound is not so black and white like with my fan. Its like "on, sound" "off, silent" sound machines change in a loop all night.
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Matt Radiance answered

Usually 10 PM - 4 AM . Maybe sleeping time changes but waking up need to be at the same time everyday.

Unknown! Sometimes i have a hard time falling asleep & other times i might be sleepy- tired to just fall asleep as soon as i reach the pillow.

Yes, Usually it's pitch black.

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As long as I can remember I have always been required to get up early, usually before sunrise. As I got older my bedtime routine has changed and been fine tuned. At night I go through the usual routine then put on some soft relaxing music. I have a 8 disk system that automatically replays all 8 disks so by the time it goes around once I am sleeping.  Even though I am Ancient and retired I still have a young one that needs to get off to school each morning.

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