What Does It Mean When You Throw Up While Your Period Is On?


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  • What does it mean?

Being sick whilst on your period could be a result of many things and so there is no clear cut answer to your question. Should you wish to find out what exactly it is that is causing you to react so vehemently, it is best to make an appointment with your doctor.

  • Pregnancy

You may not have considered this an option, but some women may still bleed when they are pregnant, and it would not be uncommon to mistake this for the start of your period.

Although this is not likely, it is still a very real possibility and would account for you being sick; morning sickness can occur at any time, not just in the morning as some people think. If this is the reason, then eating little and often, and before you are hungry, can help to ease it

You can find out if this is the case by getting an over the counter pregnancy test that you can perform at home. They are inexpensive and can give you an answer in a matter of minutes.

If pregnancy is not the case, then you could have a bacterial infection or a virus and the fact that it has occurred whilst you are on your period could be a mere coincidence. Being sick in this scenario is natural, as it is your body's way of trying to remove the infection.

You really should go to see your doctor if this is the case as they may be able to do something to help you and speed along your recovery, especially so if it is a bacterial infection, as these can be treated with antibiotics. 

Another reason that you may be being sick is if you have eaten something that has not been at its freshest, and as a result have food poisoning. Again, being on your period would be a coincidence and you should go and see your doctor if this continues.
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Cramps can make you nauseous but you may have a cyst you should go to the doctor and check.
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Yes it is normal. It is known as morning sickness but can happen at anytime of the day.
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I'm fourteen and I threw up on my period twice...can anyone tell me what this means and what can my mom do

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