What Does It Mean When Your Period Comes On More Than Once In A Month?


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When you get periods more than once in a month or less than 22 days gap then condition is called polymenorrhea. Many factors can play their role in causing this condition. Some common causes of polymenorrhea are
  1. Psychological disorders
  2. Stress
  3. Anxiety
  4. Hormonal imbalance
  5. Malnutrition
  6. Pelvic inflammatory disease
  7. Frequent ovulation caused by over activity of pituitary gland.
Polymenorrhea is treated according to underlying cause.
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Well it all depends on how long you have had your period if it has been less than a year than it is normal for your periods to be irregular. If you have had more than 24 periods then I would see your health care professional. A little side story my bff had two periods in a month one that was regular flow and one she only had to use pantyliners for.

Hope you figure it out!!
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Any possiblity of pregnancy? You could be pregnant and spotting. If not, id call dr to be sure.

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