What Affects Calcium Loss From The Human Body?


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Calcium can be lost from the body through several routes ~ it is excreted in the urine, lost in sweat and lost in undigested food, in faeces. Several factors affect just how much calcium is lost and over what period of time.

Eating large amounts of protein and salt (sodium chloride) in the diet stimulates loss of calcium in the urine, so diets high in salt and protein predispose people to calcium deficiency, as well as many other health problems.

A diet high in potassium, on the other hand, tends to reduce the amount of calcium lost from the body. Increasing dietary potassium intake by eating eight portions of fresh fruits and vegetables every day can help decrease calcium excretion, even when someone eats a diet high in sodium.

Caffeine has some effect on calcium absorption but this is smaller and less significant than some people claim. One cup of ordinary brewed coffee causes the loss of only 3 milligrams of calcium overall ~ about the amount in one tablespoon of milk.

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