What Foods Do You Eat When You Have A Ucler?


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Eating plain foods is best when you have an ulcer. Ulcer and other gastritis issues can be worsened by eating spicy foods; therefore it is best to eat and cook mildly-flavoured foods. There is no strict guide to what to eat in order to deal with an ulcer; however, you should be aware of your own comfort level when it comes to certain types of foods. Stomach pain with an ulcer is caused by the stomach acid. If you eat spicy foods you can enhance this pain, and even feel nausea. This is why doctors recommend that you eat a balanced diet at regular times and avoid certain types of foods. It is best to get at least three meals a day, but it is even better to have six smaller meals to help reduce the acid in your stomach. You should also keep milk and dairy products to three servings a day using low-fat or fat-free products whenever possible. It will help to reduce the stomach acid in production allowing you to feel better.
Alcohol, pepper, chilies, hot peppers, tomatoes, tomato juice, peppermint, citrus juices and fatty foods all need to be avoided. They can irritate your stomach or worse cause heartburn. High-fibre foods such as beans, fruits, vegetables and grains will not worsen the pain for most people though you should try a small amount first before going with these foods. Certain foods like broccoli, milk, beans and onions can increase gas which can also bring about discomfort. Walnuts, non-caffeinated sodas, fish, poultry and certain hard cheeses can be helpful to those who have ulcers. You should avoid juices like apple or orange because these have more acidity. Also avoid coffee and other caffeine drinks. Let your body tell you what it prefers and use things like milk that reduce acid to feel comfortable when eating.
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The best food you can eat is bake food. Try to avoid the fried food. I have a brother who had an ulcer ever since he was between 14 and 16 and now he is 36. Strawberry tea is good for an ulcer. Try not to stress or get angry because it makes the ulcer worse. Sorry, I got off the subject. Just thought I warn you because my brother has multiple ulcers and he is suffering badly. Do not eat anything spicy like barbecue sauce, tomato sauce, hot sauce or anything with a lot of spices. If you use salt ( I recommend that you use seasoning salt because it is a lot healthier than regular salt) use a little bit. You don't want your food highly season because that can agitate the ulcer.  Do not imbibe any alcoholic beverages or any citric juices like orange juice because that has too much acid it and alcohol does too.  Other juices are good--just not the citric kind. Go and see a physician because they will give you the right medication and take it as directed. It works. My brother doesn't really have any problems when taking the medicine. Hope this helps you!
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It is best to avoid fatty and spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol. I recommend that you see a doctor so he can check that you do have an ulcer and it is not something else. Hernias can give you heartburn and indigestion. When I was in Mexico I would eat a papaya a day as I was told this would get rid of any stomach problems that could develop and it seemed to work. Also I have read that some ulcers are actually a stomach bug and the papaya a day cure could help here.
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Bland foods and clear liquids, avoid grease, I will disagree with the other answer to say that pure cultured buttermilk and yogurts are tolerated fairly well, because the cultures in them sort of deactivate the acids and they are predigested so they pass quickly, and nothing soothes like buttermilk in my opinion. Don't like Buttermilk? Your drinking the wrong stuff. Whole Cultured Buttermilk is a whole other thing, it is kind of sweet, thick and will soothe a painful stomach, unless you have gall bladder problems. But anyway stick to low seasoning and things like jello and non acidic vegetables. Try a macrobiotic diet with rice and beans and miso. This diet help clears up a lot of digestive woes. If you liked this answer or it was in anyway helpful please click on a star next to RATE THIS ANSWER, that would help me a lot, and thanks hope you get to feeling better....*p
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I Have just Discovered that my colleauge at work has been diagnosed with a Duodenal Ulcer , would you have a list of the foods that he can eat without irratating the lining of his stomach and what foods he needs to avoid
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I'm finding that what you would consider "comfort foods" do.  I love potatoes, they have helped me and also warm oatmeal with just a Tb. Of sugar is what calms my stomach.  But ultimately I feel that you have to learn about you.   What makes you feel best?  What seems to calm your stomach and your stress?  Bland foods do help like pasta, bread, rice... That's just what has helped me.
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Stay away from milk. It used to be believed that milk coated the stomach but later discovered that the enzimes in milk will cause further damage.  Fresh vegetable are the way to go. Whether steamed or raw, and if you have to eat meat, try a meat substitute like soy, or eggs
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No fatty foods and spices are allowed if there's an ulcer. Only easily digestible meals in small but frequent feeds are highly advised. Fresh fruits and veggies are like always healthy. Another great thing is Ispaghula Husk which is added in milk and drunk after or before meals and at bedtime. It absorbs all the excess acid and provides great relief.
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I do know when I had an ulcer the docter said stay away from all dairy product because that will just make it worse also stay away from a lot of food with acid if you have to eat meat try  not to eat it often at all stay with the bland foods and you willl do fine all this will help cure an ulcer and if you havnt yet seen a doctor you really need to
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Here is a very useful link from where you can get the information about the diet for Duodenal Ulcer. It discusses the stages also. See the link below:
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Foods with low to no acid base like no tomatoes, vinegars, strawberries and such check on line for acid based foods or food to avoid with gastric ulcers.
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I suffer the ulcer now its SO hurt my stomach..I eat this ligth but it gone cause get vomit ting all I eat

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