What Is Cellulitis?


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Not to be confused with cellulite, cellulitis is an infection affecting the skin and underlying tissues. Cellulitis can occur at the opening of broken skin such as a scrape or a cut. Chickenpox, bug bites and eczema, often itchy, can result in broken skin when scratched. With a break in the skins surface, bacteria is able to enter and infect the immediate and surrounding area. The infected area often swells causing pain, warmth and redness. Cellulitis, more common in children, is not contagious. With children, more so than adults, playing in the dirt or scratching an annoyingly itchy bug bite they are more succeptible to cellulitis. If left untreated cellulitis will continue to spread and worsen and, in extreme cases, can be life threatening. This said, however, cellulitis will usually clear up in seven to ten days when taking prescribed medication. If the cellulitis is severe, treatment with intravenous antibiotics, in the hospital, may be neccessary.
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Cellulitis is an skin and any underlying tissue infection characterized with redness, warmth, swelling and pain to touch of affected area. Symptoms may occur also on other parts of human organic structure - systematic cellulitis symptoms. Medical attention is strongly advised because there is possibility of rapidly spreading of inflammation. Diagnosis contains 3 steps: Medical review, physical examination and blood examination. Treatment usually include antibiotics drugs. Recurrence is possible up to 50%.

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