Does Bed Bugs Bite Affect The Pregnant Women?


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If  you have bed bugs, the only surefire way to get rid of them is to get rid of your mattress and hire a professional to take care of the rest of the house.  Bed bugs have caused allergic reactions in susceptible people including anaphylactic shock.  If she is not allergic to their bites and the infestation is large it is possible for her to suffer from anemia from the sustained feeding of her blood by the bedbugs.  Although unlikely to cause a problem with the pregnancy it is possible for it to happen if her body has a bad reaction to the bites or they make her anemic.  A sustained attack could also promote bacterial growth which could be a problem for her and the pregnancy.
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Yea dust mites is a real problem

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Gosh, it can as you never know what they are carrying. If you cannot get bed sprayed with pesticides, bring out side and have some one jump up and down on it and let air out before bringing it back inside house
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Bed bugs will hurt anything and anyone. They're quite indiscriminate.
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No...? Thats a very unusual question, the only bed bugs are dust mites and bacterial living things
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I got bitten alive last night by bed bugs. I don't know how they got onto my bed, because nothing happened the night before. And I am pregnant. I hope nothing serious happens.

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