Is Orange Good For Pregnant Women And What Danger Can An Orange Affect A Baby?


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Good ....but not eating too much...
The fruit orange contains various vitamines ,such as C , E, B.
It's very good for pregnant women ... Especially to the women who are in gestation like the sour flavour,
it can ease the puke feeling ....
But to the Baby ...
If eating too much , the skin of the baby is vulnerable and a bit dry ...
It will cause the kids some immunity deficiency...

However , in general, keep it to the healthy amounts , the orange is very healthy diet
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Yes, good for both.  Mom, eat all you want.  Baby, eat all it wants, but don't force upon it if doesn't want.
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I drank 2 months orange juice in 5th and 6th month-is it bad for me and baby or good?

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