What Home Remedies Can Be Used To Pass A Hair Follicle Test?


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Even though there are solutions which purport to be the best way to pass a hair follicle test, scientists have questioned the integrity of many home remedies. Your hair is one of the best places for drug sampling, as screening technology can detect abuse in recent months. This is a stark contrast to your sweat, which documents substance abuse in the past week, and your urine, which can show drug consumption up to 72 hours after your hit.

This website, www.passahairdrugtest.com/methods_to_beat_a_hair_drug_test.p outlines different products which were used to try and bypass hair follicle tests. The subjects of these experiments were six frequent drug users who were addicted to substances in varying degrees. As you will see by reading through these pages, although some products appeared to work, others were unsuccessful. Additionally, many of the supposed ‘solutions’ on this site only worked for some substance abusers as every person is different. Do you really want to take the risk in trying a home remedy if your job could be on the line?

Many employers use random hair follicle tests and other drug screening mechanisms in order to verify that their staff are clean. In some roles where a person may have considerable amounts of responsibility, these checks can be essential to the integrity of a business. If you feel that you are losing control with your substance abuse problem, make sure that you get in touch with a rehabilitation clinic today. They will be able to help you to get back on your feet and regain confidence as you rebuild your life without drugs.
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Vinegar is part of the process.  Do a google search" gman method ", but here is a summary below, Note many have passed, so don't worry, get to it, and read through the forum, if you are still in taking, concentrations, time, etc, many variables.
1. Vinegar in hair : 20 min with shower cap
2. Clean & Clear (pink) acne treatment, scrub hair: 20 min with shower cap (rubbed it in real good... Some burn/ sting)
3. Rinsed all out out
4. Get in the shower.. Scrubbed hair / scalp with Tide powder or liquid for 5 min, rinse
5. Used Nexxus Aloe Rid (or neutrogena T/Sal) ... Scrubbed hair/scap with that for 5 min .. Rinse. 
Repeat day of test if neccesary, some do several day treatments for su-rity
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1) Apple cider vinegar (soak your head in it, then put on a shower cap and keep it there) Wipe up anything that drips down. Leave in for 30 min.

2) Clean & Clear Astringent (THE PINK KIND ONLY....IT HAS 2% SALYSILIC ACID!!) Put this on WHILE THE VINEGAR IS STILL IN YOUR HAIR, BUT AFTER 30 MINUTES OF IT SOAKING!!!, so that means don't rinse out the vinegar.

**Caution, this sh^t burns....suck it up. Massage it into your hair and use shower cap..wipe up stuff that drips. Leave in for 30 min, then rinse it all (clean & Clear + Vinegar) out.

3) Tide original Liquid Laundry Detergent. Glop some on and scrub scrub scrub. Do this for another 30 min.

(Your hair will feel crappy now, lol) You have now done the Macujo method! Yay it sucks. Now the next steps are what I did to be more safe...do it if you want, or don't. I just know it worked for me....

4) Neutrogina TSal Shampoo. This has 3% salysilic acid in it. I Lathered up with this for another 30 min. Scrub Scrub Scrub...if it looses it's soapiness, just put your hand under some water and it will soap up again. Rinse it out afterwards.

5) Mix baking soda with some water, till it's a fine paste. Put that in your hair and massage it in for like 20 min. This direction came with the stuff I bought, apparently it's a great way to open up the hair, as if salysilic acid shampoo isn't...HAH!! Rinse it out afterwards.

6) Okay, now for the stuff I bought. I got the hair mudd and shampoo from www.passhairtest.com for $99. It has a 4oz bottle and this can of powder sh^t with three little bottles in it. Save the can with the powder and small bottles for the day of your test..... I used some of the shampoo, though. (You can try a different detox shampoo but this is what I used)
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I passed using Baking Soda/Paul Mitchell shampoo 3--I abstained from drugs for 4 weeks, cut my hair down to an inch, and then applied the above combo twice a day for 3 weeks--It works, don't believe people telling you there is NOTHING you can do, they are just being hateful..Remember there is always something made to counteract another..Good Luck!
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Also remember that you will have to clean inside out. Meaning you have to drink plenty of water, and acidy liquids and tea to cleanse your body from the impurities that will reach your hair from inside your body. I am currently taking body cleansing pills and have been drinking lots of juice and water, anything citrus to help wash away and clean my body from within. Also remember that marijuana is stored in faty cells in your body, so make sure to work out, because a lot of the impurities won't flush out with just the body cleanse, you will need to break away the fat cells that may have stored marijuana in there.... So make sure to work out! Even though this will eliminate a lot of chances of you failing your test, to be on the safe side, buy a cheap shampoo from your local smoke shop that is made for marijuana smokers. Trust me, I tried just using the shampoo alone without any of the steps I menchaned before, and I failed! Lost a great job, bur if you folow each step and shampoo your hair with that shampoo product, you will do great! Everyone deserves a second chance, so good luck buddy, you deserve this job! Also take a shot of vinegar atlest two days before and 3 hours before your test and before you start the shampoo process. Good luck!
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Just so people know. My husband done the vinegar, clean clear, tide, and T-sal and also done Bleach..... DIDN"T WORK he lost his job. So now he is unemployed and staying away from marijuana (that's all he has ever done). Hopefully in a few months he can go back to work but please don't trust all the advice given fully. Good luck to you all....

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I'm pretty sure nothing will you help you pass a hair test. They are pretty accurate, so your system just needs to get clean over time.

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Vitamin A – keeps hair and scalp hydrated while also regulating the production of retinoic acid – an essential acid required by hair follicles. Vitamin B – Stimulates growth and improves respiration of existing cells leading to hair growth. Vitamin B3 – Improves circulating all around the body, including in the scalp, which results in the regeneration of new hair growth. Vitamin B12 – Stimulates production of red blood cells which helps the hair follicles receive more oxygen. B12 has also been found to stop premature hair greying. Vitamin C – Helps strengthen hair and prevent breakage, split ends and hair loss. Stimulates the growth of new tissue and new hair. Vitamin E – Stimulates blood circulation, maintains a healthy immune system which is important for healthy hair and maintains moisture in the hair and scalp. Biotin – Known as the “hair vitamin”, biotin increases red blood cell production, stimulates insulin levels which helps to deliver glucose to the hair follicles and biotin also helps to stimulate keratinocyte cells which are responsible for increasing the strength and health of our hair. If you are searching for the Home Remedies & Natural Cures for the common problems . Then visit  the hundreds of natural home remedies you get instant of knowledge.

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I've seen stuff about bleaching and dying your hair, washing it with tide, etc.
And on the norml site it said exposure to humidity will break down the marijuana metabolites, giving you a negative result. So go to the sauna or something ;)
if you've been doing other drugs, I don't know what to tell you
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No, Some people say vinegar will clean up your system from drugs if you drink it (for urine or blood test), but vinegar wont help you even if you drink it all the time, each drug take time to leave your system but there's some ways to beat the drug test, I suggest you to drink water as much as you can, Also for the hair test cut your hair as short as possible and also wash your hairs with protein shampoo.
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Wash with acetone under your arms and in your head, then quickly wash it off with soap

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