How Many Different Types Of Conjoined Twins Are There?


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•Craniopagus: Attached at the back of the head. Bodies are separate.
•Rachipagus: Attached at the spine. This is very rare.
•Parapagus: Attached to the pelvis and stomach.
•Pyopagus: Joined at the buttocks. Another rare type of attachment.
•Cepalopagus: Joined at the head and chest
•Ischiopagus: Attached at the front of the pelvis. They share genitals, kidneys, bladder and intestines.
•Omphalopagus: Attached at the abdomen
•Thoracopagus: Common type of attachment when they are attached at the chest.
•Parasitic: Occurs when one twins dies in utero and is absorbed by the other twin. They have extra limbs or heads.

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