How Can I Tell If I'm Pregnant With Twins?


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The most obvious way of being sure if you are pregnant with twins or not is if you have an ultrasound scan. This is normally administered around eight weeks into the pregnancy. The ultrasound scan will show the very small forming of the baby and so if it is to be twins, the ultrasound specialist would be able to identify this and tell you.

Another way of telling if you will have twins is that you will become larger quicker due to two babies growing inside of you. Also it is said that many woman who are having twins actually experience a lot more morning sickness than the average pregnancy. This has not been scientifically proven but does seem to be a common trait with women carrying twins. This is said to be due to the two babies putting more strain on the body and causing havoc with the mother's metabolism. 

If you believe you could have twins then it is certainly best to wait for your ultrasound. This will be able to confirm it either way. The rest of the ways are really just guess work and so you don't want to get your hopes up that you have twins just because you feel bigger or you are always sick. It is best to be sure before planning any twin purchases or telling friends and family as it could lead to great disapointment.
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Massive hunger already, water retention, fatigue, can't get enough sleep, weight gain, pee constantly. I did my first home test 23 days after my first time having intercourse, and it turned positive instantly. Waited a week, took one at the WIC office, it was positive too. Waiting now for my apt at my OB/GYN. Twins are in my moms side, my dads side, and my fiance' side. What do you think?
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The only way to know for sure is to have an ultrasound done.
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Go to an ultrasound test.
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Ultrasound is the best way to tell, but some other indications are earlier fetal movement, extreme fatigue and woman who have given birth to several babies have a better chance of having twins.

Good luck!!
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Its possible a scan may miss a second heartbeat this early if one was obscuring the other, but not very likely. Symptoms of twin pregnancy would be faster weight gain, more nausea and sickness and earlier feeling of movement. But as its your third pregnancy you will probably feel movement earlier than in previous ones. However it would be unlikely that you are feeling it at 8 weeks.
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The ultrasound is the best tool. If your ultrasound in not indicating twins then you don't have it probably. Different women know about it at different times. It also depends upon, if it is your first pregnancy or second. If you are 8 weeks pregnant then I don't think you have twins. If you had, you might have known it in the start of the second month.
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Do you know I don't really trust these ultrasound things sometimes they tell you the sex of my baby is a boy than when my baby is born it is a boy a few friends also had this happen to them. I really believe you are going to have twins. Sometimes these ultrasound scans are not 100% correct. In some cases the other twin is hiding may be that is the smallest out ot the twins and baby's breathing is not loud enough because the breathing of the other twin which is seen is much heavier. But anyway just pray to keep them safe...
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I am about 10 weeks and look as I am 5 or 6 months twins are in my mums side and my partners so could I be having twins ?
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The other day I went to the dr.and find out  I measure to big then where  I should be like 5wks bigger I havent had a ultrasound since sept,2009
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Many people learn about their multiples at an early ultrasound. Others find a rapid rate of growth in their uterus causing them to suspect twins. If this is your second child, however, you may not want to be so quick to assume you're having twins. It is common for your stomach to grow faster during a second pregnancy compared to your first pregnancy.

Sometimes multiple heart beats can be heard, leading your practitioner to believe that there is more than one bundle of joy in your uterus. Other times, during your prenatal tests, the doctor may find abnormally high levels of hCG since multiple babies will increase the levels of these hormones. The more babies you are having, the faster the rate of rise in hCG. In single births, hCG should almost double every 48 hours. Only a very small number of twin pregnancies remain undetected until birth.

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