How To Know The Treatment For Lipidemia In Which Fat Deposits In Between The Cells?


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Lipidemia refers to the presence of excess lipids in the blood stream. Lipidemia can lead to Hyperlipidaemia which can cause cardiovascular diseases. Excess lipids can be controlled by a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. E.g you can replace butter with olive oil and margarine, avoid red meat and concentrate on fish and poultry, more green vegetables and fruits. Weight reduction, regular exercise, quitting smoking also results in improvements.
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As sad as it is for me to report, fish and poultry will also give you lipidemia. There is just as much fat in the muscle of chicken and fish as there is in red meat. Animal flesh is animal flesh and when you eat it you WILL turn your blood fatty (lipidemia).
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Have you ever seen a fat fish? Most birds aren't fat either. Anyways I'm vegan, so you should be too.

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