Does Your Joints Ache When Your Iron Count Is Low, And What If Your IRon Count That Leads The Oxygen, What Happens If Not Treated?


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My joints do ache when my iron is low. My arms feel like they weigh more...
I also loose a lot of hair, yet have more facial hair. Doctor said that is signs of low iron.
Once I started taking iron supplements (twice a day) I felt so wonderful. Full of energy again, did not loose hair, and no aches. Levels are suppose to be between 35 and 155, mine was 15. After 3 weeks of supplements it went to 42. Doctor said I could stop taking them. 3 weeks later I'm back to the aches, loosing hair and low energy level. She suggested I take once a day for a while. By taking only one a day I would not run a chance in taking too much since it was low on the range anyway.
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Yes your joints could ache if your iron is low. If not treated, your heart will enlarge, kidneys could be damaged . . . Your health would eventually be severely compromised.

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