I Stumbled My Toe, Now Half My Toenail Is Hanging Off My Toe. What Do I Do?


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If it is causing you a lot of pain then go to your doctor or a podiatrist. If not, then let the dead toenail fall off by itself. You could also follow these instructions at home. You will need an iodine solution, a cuticle remover, a pair of tweezers, gauze, extract of olive leaf or tea tree oil, an eye dropper, and a cotton swab.
1.      If the toenail is not causing any pain, clean the toe area with water and antiseptic solution. Put about five drops of iodine over your toenail. Allow this to absorb for about five minutes. Rinse off the iodine with water.
2.      Gently peel off dead skin from both sides of your toenail with a small and sharp needle or cuticle remover.
3.      The black outer toenail must then be peeled off with tweezers. It will take up to five months for a fully-grown nail to be able to grow back.
4.      Using tweezers, pull your toenail away from your toe. Using scissors, cut any exposed pieces of your nail. If it starts to bleed, dress the wound up with gauze.
5.      With an eye-dropper squeeze about three drops of extract of olive leaf or tea-tree oil. Apply this oil up to three times per day with a cotton swab. Allow the oil to absorb for about 10 minutes.
6.      Quick healing can be helped along with medications such as Terbinafine or Fluconazole. A doctor should first be consulted though, in connection with medication.
7.      If the toenail is stuck completely then wait a couple of days. Never pull out your toenail with force. This could permanently damage the toenail. Repeat these steps two through to six.

If any intense pain is being felt then the process must be stopped immediately. Removing any dead toenail that still has blood flow underneath it could lead to damage that is permanent.
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Keep it clean and wrapped up as best as possible. If you don't want to cut it, it will fall off eventually. Make sure as your new one grows you clean it and keep it from growing into the skin.
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There is no way you can put the broken nail back together. All you can do now is to protect it from further damage. I hope it is cut from the flesh. You can cut the broken side in a way that it does not damage the flesh around. Then put a plast aid on it to keep it protected and let it regrow.
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It means you have an infection in the nail bed. Your pharmacist can sell you an ointment and give you advice on how to treat it.
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Keep an eye on it to prevent infection, which can cause other problems.
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I am a 11 year old girl and my toenail is hanging by some skin! It doesn't hurt that much but should I rip the toenail off?
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Well if you are haveing a toe thats so sour my carera put a big plaster on for me as I have a whlo   to naill hanging off and if it comes of I'm going to go toa ana from andrea

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