My Toenail Is Halfway Coming Off. But It's Not Front And Back Like Normal. The Left Side Is Coming Off But The Right Half Is Perfectly Healthy. What Shall I Do?


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Use a pair of big clippers or wire cutters, cut off the dead that is hanging and file down sharp edges this will keep it from snagging on sock and ripping, eventually the other part will fall off too as new grows in
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I know what you mean. I had a problem exactly like that with my toenail and what I did was cover it with bandaid. You tend to bump into things and if the side that is severed from the skin gets stuck in something and in that case the whole nail will come off and it'll be very painful and bleed a lot. So in order to prevent this, cover it up with bandaid, so the side that's come off will stay in place and won't get stuck anywhere. In a few days' time it'll all come off in a less painful way.
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If there is no discoloration of the nails, and this is just a sometime thing, I would follow the advice of corrinm81, or Xarsh, if the nails are discolored with thick ridges than I might want to have a Dr. Take a look. You could have an infection if that were the case. Usually nothing to worry about, but I understand how frustrating and annoying it can be.
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My toenail appears healthy no discoloration, is attached at one side, but did not turn color.

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