My Windows Are Sweating On The Inside And Want To Know Why They Are Doing That. I Can't Get Them To Stop. Can Anyone Help Me Out?


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The moisture content in the house is very high for some reason. Do you have a device to humidify the house attached to the furnace? Do you use a fan in the bathroom when taking showers? Do you heat water on the stove regularly? Do you have a leaking water or drain pipe?

I used the bathtub and a couple of pots of water on my stove when I did not have electricity to keep the house warm and had the same problem but knew what the cause was. I would think that if you have moisture on the windows, there has to be a major source of moisture. Not just ventilation but something that is adding a major amount of moisture.
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Toni Anderson
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Thank you very much. Yes we just moved in and the fresh paint thru out the house is adding alot of moisture to our home. We are trying to find someone that had a de humidifier. Thank you so much for your answer.
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If you live in a high humidity area, you can try renting a de-humidifier. Back in Jersey our ceiling would actually drip water from humidity.

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