If You Put Neosporin In Your Nose Will It Keep You From Getting The Flu?


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Actually, as a DOCTOR, I do tell my patients (especially the patients that work with kids or have kids of their own) to use neosporin in the nose. Apply with a Q-tip once daily for 10 days. Neosporin is a salve and inhibits viral proliferation within the nasal cavity. The flu is a virus that can only be spread through the mouth and nose. So by  inhibiting the proliferation, you may in fact prevent the flu.
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I'm a doctor too and I agree that applying neosporin ointment in the nose can prevent proliferation of bacteria by soothing the mucous membranes. Just be careful you don't put so much that you inhale it into your lungs, causing a chemical pneumonia. A little goes a long way!
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;P Like the last Anonymous said its a No... Sadly =-(

They may help but it won't 100% prevent you from getting the flu...
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As much as I am trying to stop laughing, the answer is no. Anti bacterial ointment will never prevent anyone from getting the flu, or any other sickness. If anyone tells you it will, then they had better not go to school and become a doctor.

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