How Can I Get Rid Of A Scab Inside My Nose? Is In The Tip Of My Nose Like If You Were To Stick Your Finger Inside Your Nose And Turn Your Finger Away From Has Been There For Probably 6 Months.the Problem Is That Once I Feel The Scab


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Put some neosporin or triple anti-biotic on the scab to help it heal faster and keep the gunk off it. Just use a q-tip and rub a generous dollop on.
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You may also need to have a culture done at your doctors office. This is where they take a long q-tip and just touch the spot esp. If spot is draining. This is sent to a lab where it will "grow" for a couple days and if in that growth there is something growing that is considered an infection then that test can tell doctor what antibiotic to give you for that particular thing. Might be something like MRSA which is contagious and treatable.

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