When Is An Infants Temperature To Be Treated?


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My childs temperature is 96.8 very cranky and keeps falling asleep what should I do
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I have always been told that your low grade fever is 100 and under. If your infants temp doesn't lower after a fever reducer contact your child's physician just to be safe. However, if the temp increases apply a cool compress and call. Anything close to 102 may be need for concern depending on your child's age.
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Normal temperature is 98.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Low grad fever is 99 degrees F to 101 degrees F. High Temp is 101.1 to 102 degrees F. Dangerous is anything above 102 degrees F. If a baby (under 12 months) reaches 105 degrees F, they can seizure and ultimately die. You should give Tylenol and rush to hospital if fever is 102 and over.

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