Can You Name 5 Factors Which Could Affect Nail Growth?


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There are quite a few factors that could affect how fast and how well your nails grow. If you are wishing to grow your nail long, strong and healthy then you should take these points into consideration and think about adapting to help your nails grow better.

Here are a few of the most common factors that affect your nails. If you are on any medication, then depending on what it is, this could be affecting your nail growth. Other factors include poor circulation to your fingers, Psoriasis which is a chronic skin disease and there could also be significant damage to your nail root or the matrix underneath your skin.

Your nails are also an excellent indication of how healthy you are. As humans we need a great deal and variety of different vitamins and minerals, which all contribute to different bodily functions. Here are a few vitamins that affect nail growth which you could be lacking.

First of all, Biotin, which helps to metabolize facts and carbohydrates as well as regulating your metabolism. Biotin also helps to regenerate cells which is why it important in the beauty field as this will help to replenish old or dead skin, hair and nail cells. Biotin can be found in eggs and beans and there is a recommended dose of 1,000mg as well as a Biotin daily supplement.

The second vitamin is an essential one that you definitely will have heard of. Calcium not only helps to maintain healthy bones, it also stimulates healthy nail growth. 1,000 mg of calcium a day is recommended and the foods that contain the most calcium are carrots, almonds and milk.

Vitamin A is also extremely important for nail growth as it helps to increase the number of healthy skin cells that are produced. The safest form of Vitamin A is beta carotene which can be found in fish, carrots and almonds.
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Hi I am doing a level 2 beauty course and I am in need of some help with my work , I need to know  how the nail growth is affected from.
* Diet
* Age
* Climate
* Day or night time
* Medication
* infections
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Some medication can affect nail growth, also poor circulation, psoriasis, damage to the matrix or nail root ( where the new cells grow for the nail plate to grow) malnutrition just to name a few. There are many different reasons why nails may grow slowly but to pin point the main reason look at what has changed in your life when it happened.

I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and do not take in consideration what the other two people have said! :)
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Hi, I think poor nail growth comes from a lack of clean drinking water, keeping your body hydrated, poor diet, nutrition and putting your hands in too many chemical, without using gloves. Take Care!
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1.) biting your nails
2.)playing the piano
3.)what you eat
5.)depending how much chemical is in your nail
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1.Your diet.2. Nail biting decrease its growth..3.  Nourishing of cuticle improves its growth4. Cleaning utensils with the nails has adverse affects.5. Unclean nail.
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Nails are affected by the following:
1. Nail biting
2.dehydrated nails
3. What you eat
4. Lack of care
5. And possibly nail varnish, well too much of it.
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Lack of nutrition, your nails need lot's of vitamins and fibre. They need a good blood supply and need to be hydrated all the time. Good circulation equals a healthy nail. Keeping your nails healthy is extremely important!

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