What Kind Of Small Token Of Thanks Other Than A Thank You Note Can You Give Patients That Give Healthcare Workers Gifts?


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If you are going to give patients a gift because they gave you a gift, the present-giving could go on forever. I assume that the patient in question gave the original gifts as tokens of their gratitude for the care and treatment that they have received. This is a really thoughtful gesture, and maybe it should be accepted for what it is, without feeling an obligation to give something back.

Luckily, the gifts that you mention are intended for all of the staff to use, and to enjoy, but accepting patient gifts can sometimes cross a line. Giving gifts back also has the potential to be misconstrued if they are of a personal nature, or intended for just one patient.

If you are determined to give something in return, try and think of something that will be enjoyed by all of the patients, and that will go some way in making their stay with you more pleasant. Maybe a selection of books, or some DVDs so they can watch something different from usual.

Something interactive will give the patients more opportunity to be sociable with each other, and maybe distract them from any inconvenient or unpleasant aspects of their recovery.

If items like these are a little more expensive, then maybe you could club together with your colleagues to buy something, the gifts that the patient gave in the first place were intended for everyone to enjoy, so it isn’t just down to you to reciprocate.
When you have thought about all the options, you could just return to the idea of a Thank You! Card signed by everybody. It will show that you are appreciative of the gifts that you have all received.
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There are a number of things that you can give out to your patients such as:
-Souvenirs like Mugs, Photo frames etc with Thank you or Hospital logo on them
- Items of personal use like a sweater or a shirt
- A photo taken at the hospital with all the concerned health care workers and doctors.

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