Have you ever tried any crash diets? If so, how much weight did you lose?


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The diet I was on was a healthy diet combined with exercise, but I didn't realize the full implication. When I neared my target weight, I told my doctor I could hardly wait to go back to eating _real_ food again.

She hit me with the fact that this was a life-time diet, so I went back to eating what I wanted, and gained all the weight back.
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A few years ago I decided to lose a stone in weight (that is 14 pounds to non-UK people) before my holiday (I'm not exactly overweight anyway, but I thought it would be good to get closer to the weight I was when younger). I determined to lose a pound a day. I quit drinking anything apart from water and black tea. I walked 6 miles every day. I lived on salad,  tinned tomatoes, Ryvitas, rice cakes and Slimma soups. I actually lost 18lb in three weeks. Main problem was that none of my clothes now fitted. I had to buy a whole new set of clothes to wear on holiday. I put most of the weight back on over the next few months.
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Yes, many years ago I tried the banana and milk diet , I lost 6lbs in four days, but by the fifth day I could not look at another banana in the eye for a very long time  :) 
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I was eating a granola bar, crashed my car and lost a leg... Doctors said it weighed about 10 pounds.
Now that is what I call a crash diet...
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Your leg only weighed 10 pounds? LOL
Joe B.
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Ah heck you busted me, obviously it was a joke...... I have no clue how much a leg weighs, let alone my own.
I assumed if a chicken leg was a couple ounces then a humans must be...... Ah well nevermind hehehehehe
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Yep and i wound up gaining weight because my body thought i was starving and started storing whatever it could thinking it might not get food again. Then i cut my calories to 1,500 a day ate tons of fruit and veggies and allowed 1-3 tiny snacks a day cuz if you go without snacks you will go crazy lol
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I first dieted some three or four years ago, and lost 19 pounds in a short space of time!
  I got my Gold card and my Gold key, and was asked by WeightWatchers to talk on the subject, but I declined.
  Later, when I was 'fat' again,(over 12 stone) 168 lbs, I took up another diet, and was equally successful, losing 14 lbs very quickly.
  Now, I watch my weight constantly. I'm not 'fat', but derive great benefit from keeping my weight down to a 'managable' figure.
  Also, I have read and been told, that certain 'foods' help to maintain your weight figure. No potatoes, no bread, no rice. No sugar. Walnuts, any fish of any kind, etc,etc,etc.
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There are many better ways to lose weight then Crash Diets.

Crash Diets not healthy for any one!

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I went on The Zone a few years ago and lost 40 pounds. It's a good diet but you have to be extremely disciplined and plan your meals a few days ahead of time. And it's good idea to have all your veggies cut, protein weighed and portioned out, etc so you can eat without having to do much prep. When you are expected to eat all of that food, you have to plan it so you don't accidentally cheat.
It certainly cut cravings for sugar and stuff, and I still try to eat in "Zone diet", but I have moved on to another diet for maintenance and sports performance.

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