Why Does My Mole Itch?


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When you have a mole that starts to get itchy it is very important to start paying attention to it. There are a lot of people that find that their mole gets itchy after they have been drinking a substantial amount of alcohol. If your mole is itchy and you have not been drinking alcohol then you should have a careful look at your mole and consider five main aspects of it.
The first thing that you should consider is whether or not the mole has a border which is scalloped or notched. The next thing that you will need to consider is whether or not the moles feature a number of different colours. The third thing that you should consider is the shape of the mole. If the mole is circular in shape then this is good as this is the shape that moles should be. If the mole is an irregular shape then this is not a good sign and you should seek medical advice. It is also very important to consider if the mole has grown in size recently and if it has changed recently in terms of colour, shape, bleeding or degree of itchiness. 
If you have noticed any type of change then it will be best to get it checked straight away. The doctor will be able to check the mole and see if there is anything wrong. If the doctor is at all concerned then they may want to take a sample and rule out the mole being a cancerous growth. Do not worry about these tests as they are very quick to do and they are not painful. If the mole looks very bad then the doctor may be able to remove it and this will be a quick and easy process as well.
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I have a mole on my back and it also itches, just a slight scratch and it stops itching. I had a doctor look at it and he said this is a common problem but was not a threat of cancer, they just itch sometimes. He never recommended removing it as there was no threat but said it was up to me, so they do itch. I would have it looked at though. The itch drives you nuts sometimes lol.
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Try putting some moisturiser on them - it could be that they are dry and that makes them itch. I'm a very moley person, and sometimes moles itch when they're growing, so keep an eye on them and try not to scratch them.
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I have the same thing on the top of my shoulders. My flat moles itch. The Dermatologist said it has something to do with the nerve endings in the mole. Nothing to worry about.
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I am 11 almost 12 got two itchy moles help one in middle of the back and middle chest
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Lol.... I have a mole on my back and one time when I was dreaming, I had a dream of biting my mole off of my back Lol so if it is itchy have a doctor look at it yeah but do not bite it  I am warning you! Also put Aveno moisturiser on it sorry for my bad grammar, and good luck!
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Have been on hrt patches but I am am getting more brown spots on my face,now they have started sting and itch why?

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