Who Is Called The Father Of Medicine?


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Hippocrates is generally regarded as the father of medicine. He lived in Greek times and was born somewhere around 460 B.C. although the exact date is not known. He is still revered today, due to the fact that all medical students, before they qualify and begin to practice as physicians, must take the Hippocratic oath.

This oath embodies the code of medical ethics which Hippocrates detailed in his writing, although it is likely that the code of ethics actually pre-dates Hippocrates.

Hippocratic is also used to describe the appearance of people who are about to die. This is because Hippocrates was the first to detail the rather ashen and sometimes shrunken appearance of someone whose death is imminent.

However, Hippocrates' chief aim was to preserve life and do all in his powers to administer medical treatment and eradicate disease/illness. It is for this reason that he is still regarded as the embodiment of medical professionalism, over 2,500 years after his death.
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Ayurveda is father of medicine because it provide ayurvedic medicine for any disease.

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Hippocrates, a Greek physician who was born in 460BC, is considered the father of medicine. This is largely because most of the remedies that were suggested by him during his time i.e. 400BC are still very relevant today.     Hippocrates' studies and inferences were sought by the simple observation of the human body as opposed to the more popular superstitious beliefs that surrounded him. Therefore, while others around him relied on gods and temples for treatment, Hippocrates looked for rational explanations for illnesses and professed rest, a healthy diet, cleanliness and fresh air. He was the first to record and talk of symptoms for diseases like pneumonia along with epilepsy (in young children). He went against the largely accepted norm and said that thoughts, feelings and ideas emerged from the brain instead of the heart. He held the strong belief that although there were some individuals that were better at coping with their sicknesses than the others, most individuals could be cured the natural way. Hippocrates went around the whole of Greece teaching medicine, set up his own school in because and brought into being an Oath of Medical Ethics that is practiced to this day.

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