How Did Medicine Begin?


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Medicine is used for treating of disease. The history of medicine included Pre-scientific age, before it was a science and after it became science. The primitive people had all kinds of explanations of disease as well as their medicine. The primitive medicines were depended on magic and surprisingly it was included the applications of heat and cold, blood-letting, massage and the use of herbs. Before the scientific age of medicine ancient Egyptian medicine was quite well-known. It used all kinds of ointments and potions. Among the "drugs" they used honey, salt, cedar oil, the brain, liver, heart and blood of various animals. In that time those medicine sometimes seemed to work and sometimes it didn't.

More than two thousand years ago scientific medicines began from Greece. Hippocrates, a Greek fellow put together a collection of medical books, "The Hippocratic Collection." It was the beginning of scientific medicine and all of that was depended on close observation of patients for learning about disease. Those books were full of actual cases and the history of what happened to the patients. For the very first time in history, as opposed to depend on some magic formula, the treatment was given as the result of studying the patient and the disease and applying the previous experience. Through this way the modern medicine was started.
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Hello, medicine was started in the pre-historic age when man knew no science, no language and no proper way to communicate. I think its instinctual.  There have been lots of things that human learned from observing animals as well. For eg a case in a zoo occurred where a baby chimpanzee had a terrible tooth ache. When he saw a pliers in the hand of the zoo keeper, the mother snatched it and used it to extract the baby monkey's tooth

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