What Is The Youngest Age A Doctor Will Put A Girl On The Pill?


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Usually a doctor will give a pill to a girl no younger than 9 years old.
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Experts suggest that there is no lower age limit for birth control pills when it comes to sexually active girls. The morning after pill has developed certain controversy surrounding its use and trials to administer the pill to girls as young as 9 years of age are underway in Wales. The conclusions of that study may enable doctors to advise even morning after pills to girls that young. But most pills are now available over the counter.

Certain other factors are important to consider as pills do not agree with all women and cause certain minor side effects which include nausea, vaginal or menstrual bleeding, breast tenderness, mood swings, weight gain, dizziness, headaches and blood clots. Blood clots are mostly found in only women aged 35 and over who are frequent smokers.
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I know that dermatologist will put a young girl on the pill when they prescribe Accutane for acne because of the serious birth defects that Accutane can cause. I think the doctors take into account whether the girls have started their menses.

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