What LYM,MID,GRAN Means In Blood Test?


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The first thing to understand about blood tests is what they are actually testing for. Normally the terms: LYM, MID and GRAN occur on a full blood cell count. And it is at this point that you will be talking about white blood cells. The White Blood Cells (WBC) consist of Granulocytes (GRAN), Lymphocytes (LYM), and "Minimum Inhibitory Dilution," a measure of rare cells and a number of precursor white cells (MID).

Lymphocytes are responsible for immune responses. There are two types: B and T. The B cells make antibodies that attack bacteria and toxins while the T cells attack body cells themselves when they have been taken over by viruses or have become cancerous. There are levels that you would expect these readings to be between for a normal person. In 22% of the population the percentage LYM is normally below the normal range, 24-44%. Causes for decreases in LYM include kidney problems and viral infections.

Granulocytes are a type of white blood cell filled with microscopic granules that are little sacs containing enzymes, compounds that digest microorganisms. They have a nonspecific job, unlike lymphocytes. As with lymphocytes there are normal levels for a person. This level is between 55% and 65%.
MID stands for minimum inhibitory dilution. However, normally it is referred to MIC or minimum inhibitory concentration. It is generally regarded as the most basic laboratory measurement of the activity of an antimicrobial agent against an organism. MICs can be determined by agar or broth dilution methods, and commercially a well know test is the Etest strip. The Etest system comprises a predefined and continuous concentration gradient of different antimicrobial agents, which when applied to inoculated agar plates and incubated.
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The white blood cell count (WBC) consists of lymphocytes(LYM)  and granulocytes(GRAN),
and (MID) is Minimum Inhibitory Dilution which measures rare cells and precursor white cells
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mid me sale 0.5  48.3%M que significa y valor referencial es 0.0-1.8 (limit 1 ) 0.1-24.0

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