My Lymph% Test Is High. What Does This Mean My Gran% Test Low. What Does This Mean?


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My lymphs reading is 47 on a scale of 14-46.  Is this a sign of a problem?
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My lymph test was 54 last year and this year  is 64, my doctor is sending me to a oncology doctor, yet my hemoglobin and white blood count is normal, what could this be?
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Normal levels of lymphocytes are 20-40%. More than normal lymphocytes can be due to infection, viral hepatitis, multiple myloma, lymphocytic leukemia, Infectious mononucleosis, and viral infections. Low granulocytes levels indicate weak immunity.
So, your immune system is week and you are more prone to get infections. That is why your lymphocytes levels are high.
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My lymph% is 81 and the Gran% is 16. I have been diagnosed with lymphatic leukemia which explains the high lymph counts.  But I didn't know what the Gran% was until I read this post.  That explains my many bouts with pneumonia and bronchitis.  I deal with kids in schools.  What better place to pick up infection.
Thanks for explaining this for me.    Noanie
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Wbc is low                          3.9
Lymph% is high                  54.1
Mid% High                          21.2
Gran Absolute is low          1.0
Gran% is low                      21.7
What does this mean?

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