What Is Slippery Elm Used For ?


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Slippery Elm is a very common herbal remedy to help with digestive complaints. It can be taken in tablet form and also as a powder which si then mixed with water. It forms a gel consistency which then puts a protective mucilaginous lining over the stomach and also the gullet.
This helps soothe any inflammation in the gullet or the stomach and allows healing to take place in the stomach area. This is particularly useful if vomiting has occurred.
It can also be taken as a gentle bulking laxative remedy. Paradoxically, it can also help over activity in the bowel, particularly after diahorrea. Some people find it useful for treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
It is very gentle and can be taken as often as required for stomach problems.
The powder form can be extremely bitter and hard to swallow, so many people prefer to take it in tablet form which is much easier to take.
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Slippery Elm is basically a kind of species of elm, which is found in eastern North America from southeast North Dakota east to southern Quebec and south to northernmost Florida and eastern Texas. A type is the heartwood, which is basically a reddish-brown, which is common name known as Red Elm. Some of the other name Gray Elm, Soft Elm, Moose Elm and Indian Elm.

It is basically a kind of deciduous tree, which is basically a 10-20 m tall and 50 cm trunk diameter. The leaves are basically 10-18 cm long, which has a kind of rough texture and an oblique base. The plant gives around 10 to 20 flowers somewhere around early spring. It also cultivates finely in dry intermediate soils. It is also used for various uses.

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