What Does Marasmus Mean?


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Lack of carbs can cause blindness and even death. This disease is called Marasmus.
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A form of severe protein energy malnutrition is known as Marasmus, it is characterized by calorie deficiency and as well as by energy deficiency. Some other forms of Protein Energy Malnutrition are Cachexia and Kwashiorkor; these protein energy malnutrition's (PEM) are the most common types in the developed world.

A child who suffers from the protein energy malnutrition loose up to 8- per vent of his total body weight, he may also look emaciated. The occurrence of the marasmus disease increases before the age of 1, while the chances of Kwashiorkor increase after 18 months.

The signs or symptoms PEMs include; loose skin folds hanging close to the glutei, dry skin, axillae. They also include a huge amount of loss of adipose tissue from places like buttocks and thighs.

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