Do Staples Left Inside After Gall Bladder Surgery Cause Complications?


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If you have had any recent gall bladder surgery, then the staples and stitches that are used are designed to dissolve in your body and system after a certain amount of time. However, if you had surgery a few years ago, it is likely that the staples left inside will be designed to stay. They won’t cause any complications as they have been left there purposely. You may feel discomfort with the staples over the years, but will just be to them remaining in position and not dissolving. If you are concerned with the pain that they are causing you, you may want to go to a doctor and see if there’s anything that can be done.

As the staples are made of medicated thread, you can have peace of mind that they aren’t going to cause you any harm. With regards to discomfort, this cannot be helped unless you seek medical attention. However, it is best to keep in mind that the dissolvable staples have been created to prevent future complications.

Having gall bladder surgery a few years ago doesn’t mean that it will suddenly become infected. The staples haven’t been left there as a mistake by the surgeon and this is what you must remember. Discomfort is normal, so you need not worry, and many experts in the realms of physiotherapy normally provide advice on how simple daily exercises can ensure that the pain you experience following on from your surgery is minimised. It’s unrealistic to believe that you will be at full health the day after your procedure; getting back to normal will take time and commitment on your part.
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Staples or stitches used in gall bladder surgery are used. Few years back these staples are made of medicated threads. Now they are made up of special material which is dissolve automatically after healing. So staples left in gall bladder surgery will not cause problem. If your doctor has used old staples of thread then this cause problems. Go for ultrasound/CT/MRI fur further investigations.
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Staples left inside the human body after surgery eventually become encased in scar tissue and do not pose a risk.
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I am unsure if the information that I have gotten is true or what I am looking for. My mother had Gall Bladder surgery 20 years ago and has been having sever pain for the last 15 years. Her stomach is swollen and even becomes hard as a rock. It hurts in the front and in her back, where the surgery was done. We resently found out that she still has staples from some xrays. I am trying to rule out if this is causing her some of her bad health.
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One metal staple left inside for over 35 years have had constant stomach problems since then all test as of now to resolve have come back negative is there any connection to this being left there? It has been mention to me after all test I've had to  find out why I have pain.
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As a person with metal staples inside me from surgery, I can tell you they definitely cause pain, and terrible pain. I am not allergic, so doctors won't remove them. I hope doctors will one day realize how barbaric it is to put metal into someone's guts. It hurts all the time, very badly.

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Do staples left inside after prostate surgery cause complications?

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