If A Breast Lump Is Seen On Mammogram, Why Can't It Be Seen On Ultrasound As Well?


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Kathryn Hinrichs Profile
My understanding is that ultrasound actually works better than a mammogram. I have wondered for a long time, why we don't use ultrasound instead. I am going back in and they said they are doing both.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Because they are two different types of tests. Where with the mammogram, tissue is being compressed, and with an ultra sound, it isn't being compressed.

With the pressure, tissues are literally being pushed aside so that the tissues can be better seen. Hope this helps.
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PJ Stein answered

It can be, and often it is better seen on an ultrasound. From what I have been told ultrasounds cost more to do and that is why they don't do them first. Personally I think that is a bogus reason. If you are trying to prevent breast cancer, why are they exposing women to radiation when there is a better way?

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