Is 34.degrees Body Temperature Dangerous?


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A body temperature of 34 degrees C is classified as mild hypothermia and if your body temperature is 34 degrees C you must seek medical advice straight away. You should go straight to the emergency department of your local hospital and tell them that you have a low body temperature.

The normal body temperature for a human being is 37 degrees C and this can differ by one degree either way when you are feeling unwell or have a fever. This is nothing to worry about and is just your body fighting off infection. It is when your core temperature becomes much higher or lower than this that you have to worry.

Hypothermia can kill and it comes from being exposed to extremely low temperatures. Symptoms include;

  • Shivering
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Slow motor reflexes
  • Feeling unwell
Other reasons for hypothermia are extreme anorexia and being exposed to water for a prolonged period of time as this can slowly reduce your core temperature.

You should make sure that you stay warm on the way to the hospital and wear a foil blanket to try to increase your core body temperature.

Hypothermia can cause your internal organs to shut down and if you are too cold for too long hypothermia will result in death.

Water and alcohol can cause hypothermia to become worse. If there is alcohol in your system, you are more likely to have hypothermia spiral out of control and if you have been exposed to cold water for a long period of time, you must make sure that you are warmed up properly and even if you do not feel too cold, have your temperature taken, just to check that your body is not becoming seriously cold.
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A temperature of 34 Celsius would be considered low. That low in fahrenheit would be almost a guarantee of being fatal.

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