Can You Still Be Pregnant If There Is A Temperature Drop In Your Basal Body Temperature?


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Yes. Generally, once pregnant your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) will stay elevated by around 0.3 degrees, or maybe a fraction more. However, in cases of a Biphasic Pattern to the BBT, your temperature will stay high for the first couple of weeks of pregnancy and then drop.

If you have any concerns about your health, be it a serious worry or merely curiosity, it is best to seek professional medical advice. A doctor or pregnancy specialist will be able to check you out and also inform you of the specific medical details.

  • What is the Basal Body Temperature?

The Basal Body Temperature is the lowest temperature your body reads at while you're resting. It is measured at rest because aside breathing, even the most basic of movement generates significant extra heat.

In order to get the most accurate reading it is generally a temperature reading that is taken just after waking up, before any activity occurs.

  • What is the relevance with conception?

Women who are ovulating generally experience around half a degree increase in their basal temperature. This observation can help with timing attempts to conceive, especially if there has been trouble previously or the couple are having a child later in life.

In some women the opposite occurs and their BBT drops before and during ovulation, and then rises higher than the normal afterwards. This is a Biphasic Pattern and it's caused by strong levels of Estrogen. It can be linked to infertility but this varies per woman.

  • What about pregnancy?

Whilst pregnant it is commonplace that a woman experiences a higher Basal Body Temperature. The rule of thumb is that if you have 18 days of higher BBT then you are most likely pregnant. During this time you may experience spotting (light amounts of bleeding) but this is considered normal and if anything more of a sign that you are pregnant.

However, if you experience a full on period then unfortunately it might be that you have had an early miscarriage.
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Yes. My temp dropped below coverline 2 days before period due. Following day, it returned to above coverline. 5 days later, pregancy test positive. Now seven weeks pregnant (after 1 year of trying!!)
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The basal body temperature is taken in the morning before getting up from bed. This temperature is measured in order to know the ovulation. If ovulation has taken place, the temperature on that particular day is slight raised than the normal. If there is intercourse on that or one day after that, there is chance of pregnancy. To get pregnant your partner should also be fit. If your body temperature is high due to fever, this may mislead basal body temperature.

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