How Many Different Names Are There For Heroin Or Synthetic Heroin?


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There are three classifications of opioids. The first class are known as true opiates. True opiates are narcotics that are derived from the opium poppy (Papaver Somniverum). Some examples of true opiates are morphine and codeine.
The second classification is known as a simi-synthetic opiate. These are narcotics that use opium as a base but are chemically refined to increase potency. The most common of these is heroin, oxycodone(oxycontin), hydrocodone, and hydromorphone(dilaudid). Some common street names include; Oxy's, O.C's, 357's, Percs, T3's, K2's, K4's (all of these terms refer to Rx pills only.)
Heroin is sometimes referred to as; Smack, Boy, Blow, Gear, H, China White, Tar, Black Tar, Mud, and Mexican Mud.
The third classification is synthetic opiates or opioids. These are narcotics that are completely man made and contain no opium derivative what so ever. Some examples of synthetic opioids are; fentanyl, methadone, tramadol, and pethidine. Some street names for the narcotics are; White, China White, Lollypops(fentanyl sublingual sticks), Patch or Patches(transdermal fentanyl),Methadone= Met, Take Home, Jug, Juice, Discettes, Biscuits, and M40's. Tramadol= Tramies and Dollies.
Slang/street names for all these drugs change constantly and different terms are used more often in some parts of the country than others. I hope this information was beneficial.
Masters degree in organic chemistry with 15 years in the field of Rx synthesis. But most important, 20 years of on/off opioid addiction.
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The chemical names of heroin are acetomorphine and Diacetylmorphine. There are many other names of heroin called synthetic heroin. There also are some local or street names but not recognize internationally. These are Blazing Flowers, , big H, nose drops, skag, , smack, scag, Milano Difendersi O Morire, hell dust, thunder etc.

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